Welcome to Rool Skateboards

What we are?

A brand that was born with the goal of producing skateboarding parts using the best technologies and raw materials available in the world market. Our equipment allows you to ride faster, with more comfort and safety. Glide wheels have gone through more than 2 years in development, and we have come to a result that offers first-rate grip and rebound, ensuring grip and speed for downhill practitioners and safe and fast pumping for Long Distance Pumping practitioners. In 2019 Rool Glide won the Brazilian Downhill Championship with the athlete Yan Bertinati.

Even in difficult times like this, we have managed to put together a solid team to represent the brand on the national and global scene, and our development team is working full steam to introduce new wheel options, trucks, decks and completes. Customer feedback has been excellent, and we believe that if you give Rools a chance they will quickly become your favorite wheels.